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To reveal the delicious taste and art of coffee that starts at its origin and is expressed through creating it with knowledge of its history around the world.

Allow individuals to experience coffee prepared like nowhere else - a flat white from Australia, a burst of fruity flavors from Ethiopia and a warm connection with their local barista.

Support the local community and independent coffee farms at origin. Our long term vision is to directly trade with family farms to substantially raise their standard of living as well as showcasing their excellent and unique coffees.





We freshly roast our coffee in house using high quality green coffees.

We have a wide variety of Gluten Free and Vegan options. We have partnered with Two Daughters Bakery to serve the BEST pastries alongside our wonderful coffees. 


We aim to use the best ingredients - it should taste good and be good for our bodies. Our house-made syrups use less sugar than others. Our vibrant tea lattes are made with nutritionally dense superfoods and no artificial coloring.



The Golden Rule:  We strive to serve our guests as we would like to be served!

Go the extra mile:  We want to go above and beyond to make your experience as welcoming as a home away from home.




Isabelle started Kingdom Coffee when she was 21 years old in June of 2022 after working as a barista for 5 years, living in Australia and traveling to many parts of the world and being fascinated with coffee culture. She wanted to share her experiences of the beautiful world of coffee with family and friends in Minnesota.

Although coffee is made and produced in many different ways around the world, the community and relationships that are built around coffee are universal.

Doing missionary work in the Solomon Islands, Isabelle saw the direct impact an individual can have on other’s standard of living through purchases halfway around the world.


As we grow, Isabelle plans to make trips to our coffee origins to develop relationships with farms, closing the gap from farm to cup. It is amazing how much of a difference we can make with a simple cup of coffee!

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